.Tebian / Gloryfy sunglasses

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I have been asked many times why I don´t make sunglasses with wooden frames. But this would not be anything new. The material of gloryfy is unique and innovative and I was excited about it right away. This is what I want my own products to be as well. The brands are a perfect match. And you know how it is, you go out on Friday and on Sunday your sunglasses are normally broken.

About gloryfy unbreakable eyewear:

Back in 2004 – resulting from a friend‘s sports accident which caused a serious eye injury – gloryfy founder Christoph Egger, hailing from Austria’s famous Zillertal valley, had the idea to develop unbreakable eyewear. After many years of research and development, they finally gave birth to their “baby”: unbreakable sunglasses, made in Austria by a small independent company. Unique, innovative and with loads of passion in every single product.