Q: What is .TEBIAN?

A: .TEBIAN is everything that I love, it’s my passion.

A crazy man has fulfilled one of the oldest desires known to man. He has made his dreams come true.

“I had wild dreams in my childhood. Running my own brand was one of the strongest of those. Now these daydreams have became true life. It’s not any more ”coming soon”, it’s right now!!! “

This shop is the natural next step for Tebian. After many enquiries and several years of designing and crafting high quality furnitures, he wanted to give something more from his mind to people.

“I don’t want to compartmentalize myself. You have to take steps to get ahead. Whenever I get a strong idea, I have to instantly turn it into a concrete product. That ardor is massive. In this shop you will find bigger and smaller products, which I believe are good enough to be shown for you.”

This shop contains high quality custom fit clothing, limited edition handmade artifacts, selected furnitures, 1/1 unique products and maybe someday the .TEBIAN car.

“I remember that in about 1998, there was a local skateboarding competition in Porvoo. I stood behind a rough wooden desk and served water and stickers to competitors and audience. In front of the desk was a sign -LAKANIEMI SKATEBOARDS- , an early realization of the .TEBIAN brand. I have spent whole my life preparing for this thing called .TEBIAN, and now it’s finally here. I feel pretty good and proud to say that this is just the beginning.”